For uploading the products on

Step 1: Create Profile

1.1. Select Manage Profile submenu under Wish
1.2. Enter Profile Code, Profile Name, Profile Status in Profile Info tab
1.3. Select any category from dropdown in Wish Category Mapping tab
1.4. Select Profile Product tab & click on Reset Filter button to list all product. Now check products from the grid which you want to assign to that profile or category.

Step 2: Save Attribute mapping

2.1. Open Configuration of Wish (Wish -> Configuration )
2.2. Expand ” Wish Required Fields Mapping With Magento Attributes” tab and change attribute from dropdown whose value you want, corresponds to that listed Wish attribute.
2.3. Expand “Wish Recommended Fields Mapping With Magento Attributes” tab and change attribute from dropdown whose value you want corresponds to that listed Wish attribute.
2.4. Expand “Wish Optional Fields Mapping With Magento Attributes” tab and change attribute from dropdown whose value you want, corresponds to that listed Wish attribute.
Note: 1- all required attributes are mandatory(Step 2.2)

Step 3: Validate Product

3.1. Open Profile ( Wish -> Manage Profile) menu.
3.2. Select “Upload Product” option from drop-down of action column of grid
3.3. Now check products from grid and select “validate product” option from mass-action & and submit

Step 4: Upload Product

4.1. Open Profile ( Wish -> Manage Profile) menu.
4.2. Select “Upload Product” option from drop-down of action column of grid
4.3. Now check products from grid and select “validate & upload product on Wish” option from mass-action & and submit

Note: Only Product with valid status upload on Wish.

One thing we all want, whether we run a blog or an ecommerce site, is more traffic, and lots of it. So, without further ado, here are 5 ways to get more traffic to your website.

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This week I am on a bit of a social media tip, trying to uncover if it is all worth it or not. It seems to be quite a general theme at the moment, with a lot of data emerging trying to make head or tail of the impact social media has for a brand and a company’s bottom line. Thing is, much of the data is speculative at best, or survey based; I am yet to see properly measured analytics, i.e. social media activity vs. profit over a specific time frame. Personally I think quantifying social media is pretty much impossible, yet comparing an increase in blogging with leads which converted to sales, for example, is possible. If anybody has data like this to share/link to then please leave a comment.

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