web promotionWebsite owners often only concern themselves with analysing the last click, i.e. the conversion. In an excited state they want to know the ad clicked, the keyword responsible and from where the user was referred. But this is actually a bad place to start. The likelihood is that the person who made the purchase had been to your site a few times beforehand, perhaps they stalled on the sale checking out the competition, or perhaps they forgot completely and were prompted by a second advertisement to come back again. It is rare that a person buys straight away, and for that reason the picture is usually bigger than it first looks. Read more

Are you wondering why people aren’t signing up for an account on your site, or even just opting in for your great offers? Well perhaps you are committing cardinal sign-up sins. Check out my 5 essential steps to simplifying the sign up process.

  1. Allow Email Usernames
    Usernames are very hard to remember these days because of the amount of accounts we have all over the web. But on average people only have one or two email addresses. Therefore it is far easier for those signing up at your website to use an email address rather than create a new username, not to mention the fact that email addresses are exclusive which eradicates the process of telling a person a username is already taken and asking them to Read more

Recommendation EnginesAmazon is the king of upsell, and their popularity has largely been down to harnessing the ability to get people to spend more than they want to. In contrast, the weakness of other product sites is their inability to recommend things the customer actually wants and encouraging the customer to spend more than they want to. The recommendation engine is a massive part of the Amazon sales funnel and overall strategy, and whilst we are often too proud to copy strategy, every online store owner should start take note of the way Amazon present their recommendations and subsequently increase sales.

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By nature we are tribalistic beings and like to belong to a group we identify with, this is the reason Read more

Website OptimizationWebsite optimization isn’t just about the search engines. People may arrive at your site but that doesn’t mean they will stay for long or buy anything for that matter. You can build a road, but you still have to persuade people to drive on it, right? I decided to take a different approach to conversion today, and rather than looking at specific features such as the shopping cart or particular use of wording, I have developed a general checklist for you to analyse your site under three key areas of website optimization. Usability comes first and is paramount, but no matter how good your usability is, it means nothing without effectiveness and persuasiveness.


  1. How usable is the site, is it obvious, clear and easy to navigate?
  2. Do your pages load quickly? Read more

Mobile CommerceA friend of mine recently said, “Things were much easier when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits”. I am inclined to agree, what have we become? It seems like you can’t have a 2 minute conversation without someone sliding that infamous unlock button on their iPhone or BB messaging someone from their Blackberry. The entire world is at it, and like it or not, mCommerce is something you need to look into if you are selling online.

Most people assume that because internet access is so readily available on phones these days that they have the mCommerce side of things organically sown up. This is not the case. As any web marketing firm will tell you, mobile users have specific preferred Read more

On the face of it a shopping cart might seem like a straight forward mechanism. A customer adds the item, clicks checkout and the money slips neatly into your pocket. Yet in reality a purchase is seldom that straight forward – any website marketing consultant will tell you that. It is quite remarkable how many online store owners manage to royally confuse the process and deter the purchase from taking place. In light of this, here are 3 important shopping cart tips to help you increase checkout conversions and reduce abandonment.

Don’t Confuse The Checkout Process With a Market Research Opportunity

It might seem like a good idea to obtain as much information about a customer before they leave your store, but if you knew that 12% of customers Read more

Shopping CartHow annoying is it when you really want to purchase something quickly online, only to go right through the checkout process and suddenly be asked to login or sign up. Okay, if you own an online store your aim is to establish long term customers by collecting email addresses and then sending out promotional material, newsletters and Christmas cards etc – yes I said Christmas cards – it’s only 3 months away!…

…Anyway, back to my point. Could you not just allow a guest customer to check out and then provide an option to save personal information post the transaction, that way you have guaranteed the sale.

So why am I ranting about this. I shall tell you. Read more



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