Mitash takes seriously and respects your privacy.
Mitash complies with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cwlth) and is bound by and complies with the information privacy principles contained in Division 2 of the Privacy Act. The Privacy Act regulates the collection, storage, quality, use and disclosure of personal information.

What this policy statement deals with

This privacy policy statement covers Mitash’s treatment of personally identifiable information that Mitash may receive from you when you use Mitash’s web site and when you use Mitash’s services. This policy also covers the treatment of any personally identifiable information that may be received on a third party site sharing Mitash’s web site.

This policy does not apply to the practices of companies that Mitash does not control or to people that Mitash does not manage or employ. Mitash’s activities in the practice of journalism are exempt from this policy.

Collecting your personal information

In general the personal information Mitash collects may include your name, address, contact details, occupation and where relevant some financial information including credit card information, banking details and account details. Mitash respects your privacy and acknowledges that you have a right to control your personal information unless you provide explicit consent to Mitash to act otherwise. The policy governs how Mitash handles your personal information and safeguards your privacy. Mitash’s privacy policy not only complies with the applicable laws, but provides best practice protection of your privacy in our industry.

How Mitash may use your personal information

Mitash will inform you of the purposes for which we intend to use personal information. Mitash collects personal information only to the extent that it is necessary to perform our functions and activities. Mitash does not provide this information to third parties without your consent. Mitash may use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • Maintaining our relationship with you
  • Conducting market or customer satisfaction research
  • Performing internal administration operations and improving the quality of our services to you
  • Complying with legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Telling you about our products and services which Mitash believes will assist you
  • Managing our obligations in relation to external parties

Information sharing and disclosure

Mitash will not provide your personally identifiable information to anyone without your specific consent to do so, or by Court order or legal process, or in a situation where you breach our terms of services and deliveries.

Storage and security of personal information

Mitash has in place extensive security systems linked to its web site to ensure that any record that contains personal information is protected by secure safeguards and everything reasonably within the power of Mitash is done which prevents unauthorised use or disclosure of information kept by Mitash.

Management of personal information

Mitash keeps proper records of the nature of any personal information kept by it, the purpose for which each type of record is kept, the classes of individuals about whom records are kept, the period for which each type of record is kept, the persons who are entitled to access of personal information and the steps that must be taken by persons wishing to obtain access to that information.

Access to records containing personal information

If Mitash has a record containing personal information the individual concerned is entitled to have access to that record except to the extent that Mitash is required or authorised to refuse to provide access under any applicable law.

Alteration of records containing personal information

Mitash will take steps to make sure that appropriate corrections, deletions and additions are made to its records to ensure that information is accurate and relevant to the purpose for which it is kept. Mitash promises to check the accuracy of any personal information before using the information. Mitash also promises to only use this information for a purpose which is relevant and permitted under the Privacy Act.

Limits on use and disclosure of personal information

Mitash complies with the provisions of the Privacy Act and the relevant principles which place limits on the use and disclosure of personal information kept in the records of Mitash.


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Mitash endeavours to use industry best practices in all of its practices and services and will do its best to protect your privacy. Mitash asks you to note that there are security risks in transmitting information by the internet, and you should make your own assessment of potential risks when deciding to use online services, and you should provide your own security measures such as virus protection, adequate fire walls and other security measures according to your own internet technology advice.


The material contained on this web site is updated regularly but Mitash cannot guarantee its accuracy at all times. If you have any queries contact us as we always value an input from our clients.



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