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Website Optimization: Are You Optimized For Conversion?

Website OptimizationWebsite optimization isn’t just about the search engines. People may arrive at your site but that doesn’t mean they will stay for long or buy anything for that matter. You can build a road, but you still have to persuade people to drive on it, right? I decided to take a different approach to conversion today, and rather than looking at specific features such as the shopping cart or particular use of wording, I have developed a general checklist for you to analyse your site under three key areas of website optimization. Usability comes first and is paramount, but no matter how good your usability is, it means nothing without effectiveness and persuasiveness.


  1. How usable is the site, is it obvious, clear and easy to navigate?
  2. Do your pages load quickly?
  3. Do things look like what they do? (icons, buttons, arrows etc)
  4. Are images and graphics distinct from their surroundings?
  5. How friendly accessible is the copy, could both a 25 year old and a 60 year old read the pages adequately?


  1. Does the design reflect the brand’s ‘core story’?
  2. How convincing is your copy?
  3. Do the “call to action” efforts sufficiently describe offers and pathways?
  4. How motivating is your site, does it empower the user?
  5. Are all clickable aspects of the site clearly defined?


  1. Does your overall theme speak with authority?
  2. Do users feel compelled to prioritise your site?
  3. If you list multiple choice deals, are they visually clearly defined?
  4. Can comparisons of products be made quickly and without confusion?
  5. Have you prioritised your content into a hierarchy of importance?


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