It might seem a bit strange at first, an SEO expert of a major corporation hiring in an independent SEO consultant, but I often get calls from SEO experts who want me to work alongside them in a project. There are a number of reasons why this practice makes perfect sense.

Specialised Expertise

Every SEO expert and indeed professional SEO service has their particular areas of expertise, and over the last few years many specialised areas have opened up within the industry. An in-house SEO expert may need specialised expertise in areas such as social media promotion, local SEO, mobile SEO, copy-writing for SEO, link-building, and so on.

Excessive Workload

An SEO project encompasses a range of different tasks and sometimes a helping hand is needed. When deadlines have to be met without cutting corners, hiring in an independent SEO consultant is a life-saver.

Fresh Perspective

When you have been working on the same website for months or even years it is easy to become blind to obvious things that could be changes and better optimized. Calling in external search engine optimisation consultants will give you a fresh set of second eyes to ensure you haven’t missed any key opportunities.


SEO for the most part is a one-man-show. It involves sitting alone for many hours in front of a computer screen. Bringing in a partner from an external professional SEO service will inspire you to work harder and give your creative mind a boost from the restrictive tunnel vision of working alone.

Overcoming Internal Politics

Internal politics means we often spend far too much time selling the benefits of what we do to our peers, subsequently work rate and success rates can suffer. An external consultant, unaware of office politics, will be able to work free of such restrictions and produce ‘politics free’ results.

How to Determine if You Need to Hire External Search Engine Optimisation Consultants

  1. We need specialised expertise.
  2. We have too much work to do.
  3. We can learn valuable knowledge from an external consultant.
  4. We want to double check our strategies before moving forward.
  5. We need the help of someone who has worked on a similar large/small scale project before.

There is no shame in being an SEO expert and calling on another professional SEO service for help. Don’t let pride get in the way of further learning and turning your project from good to excellent.




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