The internet is broader, faster and increasing in user capacity every day. Competition is rife and no matter how niche your business is you need an SEO solution provider to help you become as visible to your target market as possible.

Navigating passed the cowboys and finding a real expert isn’t easy, but with a bit of commonsense you can find an excellent search engine optimization services provider at a great price. Most of the “How to find an SEO expert” advice on the web focuses on experience, client base etc. But just because an SEO agency hasn’t worked with major brands doesn’t mean they aren’t brilliant – it might simply mean that they specialise in small to medium sized businesses and prefer to work on a more personal basis. So here are a few things people generally don’t think of when vetting their list of potential SEO agencies.

1. Study The Website

Start with the website. A website is the face of a business and something a company should take pride in. A website speaks silently about a business and says everything about quality, professionalism, effort and in the case of an SEO agency website, their understanding of a ‘quality user experience’. By nature of the profession an SEO agency website should be Read more

google-remarketingHave you ever wondered why, sometimes when you browse a product on a website, the very site you abandoned suddenly starts targeting you with adverts via YouTube, Facebook and other platforms you visit?

This is called “remarketing” and, if you own an online business, could be the answer to reducing cart abandonment and infiltrating the minds of potential customers.

How Does Google Remarketing Work?

Google Display Network’s “remarketing” program lets you create ad campaigns based on Read more

frustratedmanImagine that, seeing your pages listed highly in Google, but receiving precious little traffic. You might as well give up hope, surely? Wait! Before you get too demoralised, there are a number of reasons why this horrid situation can occur.

1. You Don’t Rank Highly At All

You might not actually be ranking highly at all. You might just be seeing an illusion based on your personal search history. Do the following and then re-search:

  • Make sure you are logged out of your Google account
  • Use the “&pws=0” parameter to limit personalization
  • Try a different browser: Firefox/Safari/Google Chrome, etc Read more

Google Farmer Algorithm Guide

Late last week I sent out an update on Google’s Farmer algorithm change, and while the change comes as a pleasant change for websites being plagiarized by content farms, there is some concern by websites that churn out daily content. Web owners are concerned they might be labeled “the farmer” should another site copy their work or house similar content.  So how does one avoid being considered a low-quality publisher in the eyes of the search giant?

  1. Don’t Stress Over every Single Piece of Content
    Google wont just label you a farm based on one piece of content, so if you have one article extremely similar to twenty other sites in a particular week I wouldn’t worry too much. If this is happening on a daily basis, however, then you might want to have a word with your editorial team and consider some drastic Read more

Google Farmer UpdateA while ago I told you the Google Farmer change was coming, but just how big an impact it was going to have I couldn’t have told you back then. Well, since this baby has been in operation for a good couple of weeks now, I can tell you a lot more about how it is affecting search and ecommerce in general.

Massive Changes In Search Results

We knew this massive change to Google’s ranking algorithm would improve query results and wean out websites who reuse content and try to beat the system, what we couldn’t of known is that this change would affect 11.8% of Google queries in the United States.

Google makes about 500 changes to its algorithm per year, some miniscule and others with greater importance, but most with the aim of Read more

For all you DIY SEO’s out there, I have put together a list of 11 useful online tools to help analyse, optimise and compare your website.  Why 11 and not 10? Well it was 10 but then I wanted to throw in another. I make no promises, you might not get top ten rankings using only these bits and bobs alone, but used properly, these are some awesome weapons for your SEO armoury. Have fun!

1. LinkExaminer

  • Emulates indexing by the search engines.
  • Identifies broken links and redirects

2. Yahoo Site Explorer

  • Analyses inbound links and reviews cached pages Read more

Popular websites are not always the ones optimised at all costs for search engine spiders, but instead those that comprise all the elements required for a successful core story. Take a large percentage of the forums, blogs and business websites that rise in fame, and you will see they all have one thing in common – a compelling ‘core story’. For example, at Mitash, we aren’t just an SEO company; we operate as a digital marketing agency. Because we understand that page features, content, widget placement, tone, branding and design play a massive role in the overall SEO strategy. It isn’t just about backlinks and keywords for us. SEO is so much more than that, and this forms the basis for our core story. Without this understanding and this vision, we might just of ended up another Read more

There are a million and one gurus on the Internet all with their own take on what will make you successful, and when it comes to business we all want to make sure we are following the right advice. What tends to happen is, over the years we accumulate subscriptions to numerous newsletters and e-lists, either through sites we signed up to or products we bought, we then get lost in a maze of spam and fail to be able to recognise the fluff from the gold dust. If you are getting spammed with junk, confused by all the conflicting e-advice and don’t have a clue what system to believe, follow these 5 rules to avoid the bu**S**t.

Rule 1: Organise and Expel The Riff-Raff

Redirect all your newsletters and e-blasts to an entirely new email account and Read more

Unethical SEOUnethical SEO can get you banned from Google, just ask the BMW bosses who hired an SEO company that got them banned for cloaking, a practice that involves showing search bots different content than you show visitors …tut, tut!

But don’t laugh, it could so easily happen to you if you hire the wrong web site optimization firm. Here are some tips on avoiding the spam merchants: Read more

Content SpamIf you run an information resource website or even house a blog, the likelihood is that you will have be ‘scrapped’ at one time or another. Scrapping is an increasingly popular practice carried out by content farms and low quality sites intent on stealing good content rather than writing it themselves. This practice saves time and boosts rankings, helping to generate advertising revenue, make affiliate sales and build a popular piece of web real estate. One major issue with scrapping and copying is that these sites can get ahead of you pages in the SERPs even though you wrote the content to begin with. It’s totally unethical and really has a negative affect on honest web business owners. Read more




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