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When you first visit a professional SEO consultant they will begin by analysing your website and getting a feel for just how search engine friendly the pages are. Many experts will spot problem areas at a glance, but some things take a deeper analysis to diagnose. One simple check that all specialists carry out is a diagnostic page analysis to see how Google views your home page and other pages of your site. Successful website marketing relies on how Google interprets your website and in turn this directly affects your rankings. This is a test that you can carry out yourself by taking a look into Google’s ‘text cache’. Read more

SEO in 2011A little while ago a web designer I hadn’t seen for some time said to me during a conversation about that, “SEO is pretty basic stuff, it’s not hard”. Needless to say I had to correct this very misguided statement, not only because it isn’t true but also to save him from becoming one of those designers who promises a client that they can do design and SEO all in one package – and then fail miserably. On the face of it on-page SEO might seem quite easy, just copy what other successful websites in your sector of industry do, right? If only that were the case, then web designers would be instantly become Read more

Mobile CommerceA friend of mine recently said, “Things were much easier when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits”. I am inclined to agree, what have we become? It seems like you can’t have a 2 minute conversation without someone sliding that infamous unlock button on their iPhone or BB messaging someone from their Blackberry. The entire world is at it, and like it or not, mCommerce is something you need to look into if you are selling online.

Most people assume that because internet access is so readily available on phones these days that they have the mCommerce side of things organically sown up. This is not the case. As any web marketing firm will tell you, mobile users have specific preferred Read more

Shopping CartHow annoying is it when you really want to purchase something quickly online, only to go right through the checkout process and suddenly be asked to login or sign up. Okay, if you own an online store your aim is to establish long term customers by collecting email addresses and then sending out promotional material, newsletters and Christmas cards etc – yes I said Christmas cards – it’s only 3 months away!…

…Anyway, back to my point. Could you not just allow a guest customer to check out and then provide an option to save personal information post the transaction, that way you have guaranteed the sale.

So why am I ranting about this. I shall tell you. Read more

No matter how many times you tell people that web design and website search engine optimisation are two completely different disciplines, you still get asked the same questions. I got an enquiry recently from a friend of a friend; this tends to happen often when you have expertise in a particular area. The person in question was frantic because they had forked out for a new WordPress site design and after 2 weeks realised things weren’t quite as they should be. Below is a list of a few things stated in the email. Read more

Web Design & DevelopmentAs an seo specialist I am looking to achieve maximum web optimisation and the highest website ranking for my client. This can be problematic when a client comes to me with old site design where the designer is no longer around to make changes. Older site designs will more than likely require major structural change to achieve a high level of SEO Quite often the client will need to consider reworking the entire website. Problems may also arise if I need to tell the designer of a newly built site that changes need to be made for SEO purposes, a designer can take a critique of Read more



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