SEO in 2011A little while ago a web designer I hadn’t seen for some time said to me during a conversation about that, “SEO is pretty basic stuff, it’s not hard”. Needless to say I had to correct this very misguided statement, not only because it isn’t true but also to save him from becoming one of those designers who promises a client that they can do design and SEO all in one package – and then fail miserably. On the face of it on-page SEO might seem quite easy, just copy what other successful websites in your sector of industry do, right? If only that were the case, then web designers would be instantly become web/SEO designers, which of course they are not.

Just because Amazon target certain keywords or place particular buttons and call to action points in certain places doesn’t mean it will work for your website. There isn’t a one-size-fits all SEO glove, if there were everyone would be ranking highly and equally, Google would become a sort of communist search facility, offering top spots on alternation to make things fair for all. The fact is that SEO is business specific, both in terms of search and customer conversion. So if you are trying to rank highly by simply copying other successful sites then think again, it doesn’t work like that.

This also means that hiring one-size-fits all SEO packages are pretty much a waste of time. Buying 40 links, some averagely written content and generic meta descriptions won’t maximise your website’s potential. Like most things in life to succeed you must be unique. So be an individual in 2011 and tailor your SEO to your business….HAPPY NEW YEAR!




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