Online BusinessI hope you enjoyed your Christmas day and managed to get out to the sales and grab some bargains, or at least managed to get online and seek out some heavily discounted goods. Now that the turkey has been digested and the kids have stopped waking you up at silly o’ clock with excitement, you may be experiencing bouts of entrepreneurial inspiration as we head towards 2011. Perhaps you are an existing Internet entrepreneur or someone looking to start a second income online, and why not, the web is expanding and people are increasingly buying products online.

You are probably sitting there desperately trying to think of a new idea, something no one else is doing or a niche, under-exploited market. It seems logical to think this way and Internet marketing seminars/gurus have probably told you this is the best way forward. And of course they would, because they don’t want you making too much money or tapping into markets they are already exploiting. Now I am not saying a unique idea won’t make you money or a niche market can’t be profitable, but there is another option you should consider

“A small piece of a big market is better than a small piece of a small market”

Some market areas are so big there is room for a large number of people to enjoy a healthy profit. These markets have perpetual growth whereas smaller markets are harder to penetrate and grow far more slowly. Entering a larger market will almost certainly guarantee you a volume of traffic, whereas no matter your efforts, you may wait a considerable amount of time before you see any traffic from a smaller niche market, let alone a profit. Larger markets also present a broader range of keyword phrases to target, and not all of these keywords will be fully utilised by the competition, therefore you can pick less exploited keyword phrases that still receive a substantial amount of traffic.




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