URLPreviously we have touched on making effective use of a URL in terms of utilising the opportunity to target a keyword. But the URL is so much more than simply an opportunity to target a keyword; it is a major search marketing tool. In this instance I mean search marketing in terms of marketing to the consumer once the search results have been displayed. Once you have secured a decent search engine placement you will be fighting it out with another 12 or so first page rankers, and this is where the URL comes into its own.

Capitalising On Your Search Engine Placement

We have become accustomed to thinking that on a search results page the description will do most of the work when it comes to enticing clicks, but believe or not a large proportion of searchers are enticed by the URL. The reason behind is this is simple consumer psychology. The colour of a URL is displayed differently from the rest of the text (in green) under your description; it is also separated from the rest of the text and given its own line. Technically it appears as a headline, and this prominence draws immediate attention from the reader.

Don’t Jeopardise Your Internet Marketing Campaign With Ambiguity

It is tempting to come up with an ambiguous URL, a clever metaphoric URL that means a lot to you but will leave the reader guessing what the business is actually about. For example: If I am looking for a football skills academy for my daughter – which URL will attract my attention first:
Don’t risk clicks with ambiguity, be direct. Don’t let your entire internet marketing campaign down by being poetic or overly metaphoric with the URL. Your SEO can be completely on point, but the searcher might be avoiding you because your competitor’s URL is targeted and yours isn’t. A good search engine placement must be accompanied by an effective URL to complete an effective internet marketing campaign.




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