Google Instant SearchA few of my clients have been a little concerned about the recent launch of Google Instant and how it might affect their SEO progress and search rankings. In fact I have been reading a lot of conflicting information on Google Instant and SEO over the last few weeks so I did some investigating to set the record straight for you.

For those who don’t know, Google Instant is a new feature that predicts what a user is searching for and shows results as they type. It uses Google’s auto-complete technology to show predicted search terms in a drop-down box and begins to display search results below the box.

In my opinion, there is no chance of SEO being affected here. Humans are still typing search queries looking for information and that information will need optimising – it’s the same process but with a helping hand from Google.  In fact, a solid content development strategy will benefit from Google instant. Good search engine marketing specialists are always on their toes knowing how users search and what they search for; Google Instant facilitates the process rather than affecting it in any way.

Rankings wise Google have stated that nothing will change, and I am inclined to believe them as there is nothing to suggest otherwise.

“The basics of Google search are the same, including how results are ranked and how Google determines relevant results”.

As search engine marketing specialists, it is our job not to be scared of change but to adapt and innovate with the times. Search will consistently be made easier for the user meaning that search engine marketing specialists need to become more aware of the relationship between the content a user requires and the query they use to find it. By studying Google Instant this will become more apparent to the seasoned SEO consultant.

The question you need to be asking is whether or not your organic SEO company is capable of adapting to such changes and are they responding to Google innovations in the appropriate manner. As a client you should receive updates on such changes and be given assurance that a strategy is being implemented to counter any negative effects on your SEO campaign.


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