SEO Copywriting Makes up 50% of Your SEO Marketing Campaign

SEO CopywritingA large proportion of SEO marketing is based around copywriting. From article marketing down to meta-data and even PPC ads, the copywriting must deliver reader capturing text that converts.

Most People Can Write – But Can They Copywrite?

SEO copywriting isn’t just about being a good writer. Grammatically correct text is essential, but there is more to this pony than one trick. Solid marketing experience is required across a variety of industry in order to apply the correct strategy for the target audience.

When choosing a search engine optimization service, make sure you pose the question, “who does your copywriting?” I would exercise caution if all SEO, design work and copywriting is carried out by one person, that is not to say one couldn’t be an expert in all disciplines, but be sure to look at his/her CV. In most cases a search engine optimization service will outsource copywriting to a preferred regular copywriter who has a solid knowledge of SEO and general marketing, someone who is capable of writing press releases, advertising copy, blog posts, articles, web pages, directory listings etc.

Striking The Right Balance

SEO copywriting is keyword focused, yet a fine balance must be struck between writing for search engine spiders and humans. If an article or web page is indexed by Google then great, but if it reads horribly sales conversions will elude the vendor. The demand for copywriters is growing exponentially as the internet continues to expand and more businesses market online. The recessional tide is pulling away from the shore and people are willing to splash out a little on marketing again. Yet good copywriters are hard to come by, which is why when a search engine optimization service finds a good’un they tend to hold on tightly.

So today’s message is this; once you have found a suitable SEO firm, don’t be dazzled by a lengthy client list, question the boss about copywriting. Ask to see examples of previous works – after all, the success of your SEO marketing is dependent on the quality of your SEO copywriting.



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