One thing we all want, whether we run a blog or an ecommerce site, is more traffic, and lots of it. So, without further ado, here are 5 ways to get more traffic to your website.

1. Targeted Content

Don’t just write blog posts/articles willy-nilly. Even though natural articles/posts always bring some traffic, eventually, Read more

copywritingIf I asked you to write ten sentences on your holiday to Greece would you include the phrase ‘my holiday to Greece’ five times within those ten lines? No, because that would look unnatural and like it was written by a six year old. So why is it that people still insist on stuffing web pages full of keywords that make for an extremely off-putting read. For some unknown reason it is still believed by many that this practice serves as good web site traffic optimisation.

I see copy everyday and wonder whether the owner has any intention of providing valuable information or selling a product/service. I wonder if they even thought Google would appreciate this methodology. Over optimised copy doesn’t look good, it doesn’t read well, it isn’t SEO friendly and quite frankly it’s just something people do because a friend told them that this constitutes good SEO. Read more

Google Farmer Algorithm Guide

Late last week I sent out an update on Google’s Farmer algorithm change, and while the change comes as a pleasant change for websites being plagiarized by content farms, there is some concern by websites that churn out daily content. Web owners are concerned they might be labeled “the farmer” should another site copy their work or house similar content.  So how does one avoid being considered a low-quality publisher in the eyes of the search giant?

  1. Don’t Stress Over every Single Piece of Content
    Google wont just label you a farm based on one piece of content, so if you have one article extremely similar to twenty other sites in a particular week I wouldn’t worry too much. If this is happening on a daily basis, however, then you might want to have a word with your editorial team and consider some drastic Read more

Google Farmer UpdateA while ago I told you the Google Farmer change was coming, but just how big an impact it was going to have I couldn’t have told you back then. Well, since this baby has been in operation for a good couple of weeks now, I can tell you a lot more about how it is affecting search and ecommerce in general.

Massive Changes In Search Results

We knew this massive change to Google’s ranking algorithm would improve query results and wean out websites who reuse content and try to beat the system, what we couldn’t of known is that this change would affect 11.8% of Google queries in the United States.

Google makes about 500 changes to its algorithm per year, some miniscule and others with greater importance, but most with the aim of Read more

Content SpamIf you run an information resource website or even house a blog, the likelihood is that you will have be ‘scrapped’ at one time or another. Scrapping is an increasingly popular practice carried out by content farms and low quality sites intent on stealing good content rather than writing it themselves. This practice saves time and boosts rankings, helping to generate advertising revenue, make affiliate sales and build a popular piece of web real estate. One major issue with scrapping and copying is that these sites can get ahead of you pages in the SERPs even though you wrote the content to begin with. It’s totally unethical and really has a negative affect on honest web business owners. Read more

SEO CopywritingAs you probably are aware, content is becoming increasingly important to SEO strategy. Gone are the days when stuffing keywords and stringing long invisible phrases together were capable of fooling the search engines into high rankings. Nowadays SEO content writing is an art, and if you want to succeed online in 2011 you need to understand how to write good webpage copy, good articles, good blog posts and even good social media updates. Here are 13 lucky SEO content writing tips to get you started in 2011:

  1. Take time to devise reader grabbing titles and sub-headings.
  2. Pay attention to detail – do thorough research to make sure you look expert not amateur.
  3. Be unique – don’t plagiarise other articles and bring new life to common subject matters. Read more

Forget the Google keyword tool this holiday season and forget hiring a website marketing service to do help you decide on your product promotions strategy. If you want to conduct some really fast, accurate and free market research then get your self over to Amazon’s best sellers section. Go to the home page, scroll down to Features & Services – Amazon Exclusives – Amazon Bestsellers. Here you will find a sea of free information, all collated courtesy of Amazon. Check out the books bestsellers list below for reference

Fast keyword Research

In the ‘best sellers’ section you can find the best sellers for every category and you can even Read more

Google CaffeineGoogle Caffeine has got every organic search engine optimisation company busy explaining to clients how their website will be affected by the new changes to Google’s search algorithm. Last week we looked at Google Caffeine from the perspective of a search engine consultant, so in this post we cover a few essential things you should know as a website owner.

Google Caffeine – Up To 50% Fresher Results

Google Caffeine is not a change in how Google Read more

SEO CopywritingA large proportion of SEO marketing is based around copywriting. From article marketing down to meta-data and even PPC ads, the copywriting must deliver reader capturing text that converts.

Most People Can Write – But Can They Copywrite?

SEO copywriting isn’t just about being a good writer. Grammatically correct text is essential, but there is more to this pony than one trick. Solid marketing experience is required across a variety of industry in order to apply the correct strategy for the target audience. Read more




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