Ethical SEOBeing the internet nerd that I am, I spent part of my Sunday afternoon scouring the web doing some research on landing pages. I stumbled on one page that really caught my attention for more than one reason. This was a landing page for a professional seo firm selling their services via some aggressive yet good marketing techniques. Listed on the page were their ‘keyword achievements’ for particular clients. It made for very impressive reading; they had secured the number 1 Google spot for many highly searched keywords.

After researching a few more sites, I found a number of companies operating the same marketing initiative, and it struck me that whilst some of these claims might be true, a number of them might not be. An ethical seo firm could well lose business on the basis of being transparent and honest when it comes to revealing their achievements. It is far too easy to operate non-ethical seo services as there is no regulator checking the advertising claims made by any ‘so called’ professional seo firm.

The only way to check if you are dealing with an ethical seo firm is to follow up a few of their claims by obtaining references from the companies they claim to have ranked top of the search engines. Another clever marketing trick is to simply state the ranking position but not the search engine provider. When a professional seo firm says they ranked a company top for a particular keyword phrase, our minds are pre-conditioned to think ‘Google’, when in fact they may actually be talking about MSN, Yahoo or a lesser provider.

An ethical seo firm wouldn’t lie, but then who can you trust in this money driven world we live in. To secure ethical seo services drop a friendly email to a few of the names on their client list and find out just how ethical their advertising really is.




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