On Page Website SEO

On-page website optimisation is the twin sister of external website optimisation. Sometimes referred to as internal SEO, on-page website SEO is of equal importance to your web marketing campaign as external optimisation. Below are 10 useful tips to help you maximise your on-page search engine optimisation:

  1. Ensure every page of your site contains unique content.
  2. Do not duplicate your website content under another URL. This will affect the website optimisation of your primary site.
  3. Do not duplicate web pages from your website on any other websites.
  4. To ensure that your pages can be indexed by Google, Yahoo, Bing and all other search engines make sure that each page contains one link from another page within your website.
  5. Make use of the headings tags (H-tags) to label all headings and subtitles across all the content of your site. These headings tags help the search engines to read and index your web pages.
  6. Devise URL titles which are relevant to the content you are referring to.
  7. When using images label them with relevance to either keywords/keyword phrases or the page URL title.
  8. Make good use of anchor links within your content. For example; if you have a page on your site about ‘Bulgarian dancers’, then use that phrase within another page and insert a link back to the ‘Bulgarian dancers’ page.
  9. Ensure your page title tags are no more than 68 characters long and your description tags are no more than 148 characters long.
  10. Speak with your web developer to ensure that all your website code is valid. Bad code can lead to search engines not being able to properly read and index a page.

On-page website SEO is essential to your website optimisation campaign. Internal search engine optimisation and external search engine optimisation interweave and compliment each other, yet one will not be successful without the other. First start with on-page SEO and use the checklist above to achieve a solid status; after this point you can go forth and approach your external SEO activities.




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