Google CaffeineGoogle Caffeine has got every organic search engine optimisation company busy explaining to clients how their website will be affected by the new changes to Google’s search algorithm. Last week we looked at Google Caffeine from the perspective of a search engine consultant, so in this post we cover a few essential things you should know as a website owner.

Google Caffeine – Up To 50% Fresher Results

Google Caffeine is not a change in how Google ranks websites but a change in how it indexes websites and displays search results. Google Caffeine is quicker and more relevant and responds to the growing demand for real-time search results providing 50% fresher content. Previously the Google search algorithm took up to two weeks to index new content.

Sporadic Improved Search Engine Rankings

There will be improved search engine rankings at different times depending on the search undertaken and the content available at the time of the search. This is due to the nature of Google Caffeine and its ability to immediately index content. Instant and continually updated content such as blog posts, news stories, videos and Tweets (Twitter) will have more of a presence in the SERPs. This will mean that searches will often look different, for example, my latest Twitter post may briefly take the top Google spot if it is specifically relevant to a user’s search.

A Quicker Response to SEO

SEO activities will be picked up quicker and therefore positive changes in your SEO activity will improve your page rankings far quicker than before. This will make evaluating the success of an organic search engine optimisation company far quicker. However, the way in which Google judges your pages to assign an over page ranking (PR) will still exist in their current form.

Content Is Still King But Quality Will Prevail

Content is about to become even more important than before. Google will be looking to present the most relevant, quality content to the user. Blogs, articles, press releases and new content in general will have a greater importance in the Caffeine revolution. Don’t leave pages static for months on end, even subtle changes will help maintain your relevance. Ask your search engine consultant to recommend a good copywriter to keep producing fresh content for your site.

Website Speed Matters – It Might Be Time to Change Your Hosting Company

Greater importance is being placed on the speed of a website and how quickly pages load. This means you could be left out in the cold when it comes to the SERPS if your hosting company provides a poor uptime service. Improved search engine rankings can be achieved by ensuring your website loads quickly on demand. It is worth asking your search engine consultant to reanalyse your website for slow loading pages and Flash animations that look pretty but slow the overall loading time down.




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