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The Importance of Flaunting Free Shipping For Internet Marketing – SEO

When it comes to internet marketing – SEO strategy “free shipping” is a great way to generate traffic, and did you know that a lot of people actually search for “Keyword + free shipping”? With Christmas around the corner and plans for a big campaign in motion, if you are going to offer free shipping, don’t just say it, flaunt it!

Free Shipping Promo Tips

  1. If you are running a free shipping promotion then advertise it to your affiliates in advance so they can do some promoting for you.
  2. Include the words free shipping in your PPC ads to lure in extra customers.
  3. SEO free shipping to the max by using it in meta-data and headers.
  4. Make free Shipping the first thing a customer sees when they land on your site
  5. Include the wording free shipping on all products and category pages.
  6. Send emails out with “free shipping on all orders until…” written as a footer line after your signature.
  7. Do some offline free shipping promotion using flyers, local newspaper ads and radio ads.

Don’t underestimate the power of these two words; every online shopping is lured by the harmony of this phrase. If you are picking up the cost of postage then you sure need to maximise the promotional opportunity you are paying for.



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