How To Choose an SEO Company – 5 Hot Tips For Selecting a Search Engine Optimization Services Provider

The internet is broader, faster and increasing in user capacity every day. Competition is rife and no matter how niche your business is you need an SEO solution provider to help you become as visible to your target market as possible.

Navigating passed the cowboys and finding a real expert isn’t easy, but with a bit of commonsense you can find an excellent search engine optimization services provider at a great price. Most of the “How to find an SEO expert” advice on the web focuses on experience, client base etc. But just because an SEO agency hasn’t worked with major brands doesn’t mean they aren’t brilliant – it might simply mean that they specialise in small to medium sized businesses and prefer to work on a more personal basis. So here are a few things people generally don’t think of when vetting their list of potential SEO agencies.

1. Study The Website

Start with the website. A website is the face of a business and something a company should take pride in. A website speaks silently about a business and says everything about quality, professionalism, effort and in the case of an SEO agency website, their understanding of a ‘quality user experience’. By nature of the profession an SEO agency website should be smooth, easy to navigate, fast loading and highly informative. It goes without saying that the user experience of their website will be reflected on your website should you chose to employ their services.

2. Look For Case Studies

Simple testimonials are easy to produce and unless you follow them up how do know whether they are true or not. However, a well written case study on a particular client is unlikely to be fabricated if it contains factual and statistical information on the relationship between the two companies. If you can’t see a case study on the website then request one, professional companies usually have them as part of their media-portfolio.

3. Is Communication Effective

How quickly to they respond to your enquiry? This is a simple test that indicates how you can expect future communication to be conducted should you employ their services.

4. Performance Measurement

How does the SEO solution provider measure performance? Guarantees are difficult in the SEO world but there should be some minimum improvement requirements and standard company procedures for regular reporting. Get the low-down on how these aspects of SEO are handled and contractually agreed.

5. Challenge Ridiculous Claims: “I Can Get You A Number 1 Spot On Google”

For what, an unrelated keyword? For a product I don’t sell? This is an ambiguous statement and a wild one at that. I would steer clear of such random claims and be sceptical of any SEO solution provider that boasts such silly statements. However, just because a company doesn’t say this doesn’t mean they won’t achieve that for you – but to guarantee that would be a lie.

Use this smart checklist to vet a potential search engine optimization services provider and show them that you are on the ball and won’t be tolerating any second rate business practice.



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