SEO Company?When it comes to hiring an SEO service provider knowing where to start amidst the myriad of companies out there is a daunting task. But it needn’t be so. With a little common sense you can soon sort the men from the boys as it were.

SEO Analysis of an SEO Company

If you were buying a kitchen and the salesman directed you towards a particular brand for which he said he had installed in his own home, you wouldn’t know if he was spinning you a line just to clear some old stock. You certainly wouldn’t be able to nip round to his house to confirm his claim.

With SEO however, you have that advantage. You can go onto the website of an SEO service provider and analyse the quality of their website. Okay, so you are no expert, but by viewing the layout and reading the content you should start to understand the keywords they are optimising for and how friendly the navigation is. Once you have stumbled on a few SEO firms you like, call them up or drop them an email continuing your SEO analysis.

Interrogating an SEO Firm

Ask the company to tell you what position they rank in Google for their targeted keywords. An SEO firm who can’t rank highly for their own choice of keywords probably won’t have much luck with yours. Also find out their PR (Page Rank) number, if it is not over a 4 they are not really worth hiring. There are certain instances where you can make allowances on this point. For example, a newly formed company, or a company that has recently launched a new site with a new URL, are clearly at an unfair advantage when pitted against those who have been in the game longer and have a more established website.




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