SEO PackagesOver the last year or so there has been a rise in the amount of internet marketing companies offering cheap tailored packages in a ‘cash and carry’ bulk style. I will give you an example of a package similar to one I saw recently:

  • 100 x search engine submissions
  • 200 x backlinks
  • 10 x SEO articles submitted to directories
  • 75 x forum posts
  • 2 x press releases posted at 10 PR sites

Plus some other similar activities…
Total Price: $150

Internet Marketing Solutions Could Never Be That Simple

This type of package list is usually accompanied by some marketing spiel telling you these activities will increase your SEO and raise your page rankings. Stop and think for a minute, could internet marketing solutions really be that simple? Clearly not, the list above is vague and ambiguous; it provides no specifics regarding quality for a start.

100 search engine submissions? If a real SEO firm does the job properly your pages will be picked up with ease by the major SE and subsequently the smaller ones. 200 backlinks? From where? Link farms that will seek to harm your page ranking!? 10 x SEO articles, written by who? A native English speaker you would hope….

I could go on, but you get the picture. This bulk buying SEO is a waste of time and in my opinion fraudulent. Internet marking solutions require strategic planning not some ‘pay as you go’ top up scheme. Another aspect of the list above is that all these activities are external (off-page). You need an internet marketing firm to maximise your on-page SEO first before you start looking into an off-page campaign.

Why Are Such Packages Achieving Popularity?

The reason these packages have become popular is because they offer affiliate promotion schemes to internet marketers who are keen to make money off any product no matter how ethical it is. Subsequently there are articles posted all over the web encouraging you to use such firms. I have a few friends (internet marketers) who refuse to promote such packages simply because they have a working knowledge of SEO and don’t enjoy ripping people off.

Employ an Ethical and Professional Internet Marketing Firm

Do yourself a favour, save $150 and employ a real internet marketing firm. One you can work with long term on your on-page and off-page campaign, one who will tailor their services to the needs of your business. I have said this before and I shall say it again, “SEO is not one size fits all”, so avoid ‘cash and carry’ internet marketing companies like the plague.

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  1. Pradeep
    Pradeep says:

    I doubt are there people round this world who does business online via websites will believe if someone offers such things? If so we can call them bakras, lol! Anyways, I appreciate you to bring out such blatant fake promises/services. :)

    • Ash Mehta
      Ash Mehta says:

      Pradeep, there are certainly many companies offering such services and many people/business particularly who are new to SEO fall for this. However, sooner than later they realize they are throwing their money in the bin and I have said this before and I shall say it again, “SEO is not one size fits all”, so avoid ‘cash and carry’ internet marketing companies like the plague.


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