Pay Per Click AdvertisingWaiting on organic seo services to produce results can be tedious. Some results materialise quickly whilst others will have you disappointedly checking your rankings on a daily basis. It all depends on your choice of keywords really. For example I put up a website a couple of months ago and already I rank 5th in Google for my main keyword. Thing is, the market I am operating in is niche, so it wasn’t too difficult to rank, but it is difficult to convert the relatively small amount of traffic into sales – six of one half a dozen of the other.

Search Engine ‘Boost and Slip’

Another thing that can annoy is when you rank fairly highly for a keyword very quickly, only to drop off in positioning equally as quick. It is almost as if the process of evaluating your rightful position happens in stages, and you may often experience what I call the ‘boost and slip’ effect. Organic seo services cannot produce miracles, although an seo professional will certainly be able to make improvements and gain ground on your competitors.

Search Engine Marketing PPC Top Up

To give yourself that extra boost it is worth considering Pay Per Click (PPC) search engine marketing. The way I see PPC is that it makes for a great ‘campaign top up’. Whilst you are waiting for your organic seo services to do their thing you can embark on a PPC campaign to secure the same or alterative keywords over a chosen period of time. Any customers you secure during this period should, depending on your level of service, become regular customers and effectively you have stolen them from your competitors, albeit you had to pay rather than doing it organically.

Not every seo professional deals with search engine marketing (PPC) and organic seo services, so you may need to seek out someone who does. But don’t sit around waiting for your organic techniques to make magic, boost your popularity and generate some sales with a PPC campaign in the interim. It is always worth running a PPC campaign during times when organic just isn’t harvesting the grain, as it were.




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