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Is Your Website A Snail or A Cheetah? SEO Consulting isn’t Just About SERPs

What is your website performance like? Not sure, right? I didn’t think so. In fact most website owners don’t know much about the user experience of their website, and, contrary to popular belief, SEO consulting isn’t just about search engine rankings. For a start, you won’t rank well with a slow site. So as a search optimization company, one thing I always look at on my clients’ sites is user experience and how each page individually performs.

We have become an impatient bunch, and since the internet keeps getting faster we are becoming even more impatient. Thus, if a page takes more than a couple of seconds to load a user is likely to go somewhere else. Where ecommerce is concerned, shoppers are unlikely to return to a slow loading site that takes forever to drill down between pages, load product information and display the shopping cart. In short, competition is far too high to have an underperforming snail like website.

Consumer expectations are high and as a website owner you need to understand the things that can potentially slow down your website, these include:

  • High res graphics
  • Product images
  • Video content
  • Slow server
  • Flash
  • Antiquated Shopping Cart system

So how do you get inside the mind of the user and see your site from their perspective, I shall tell you. Go to WebPagetest and run off some reports which stipulate the page dependencies turning your site into one of those people smash their computers over J This cool, free tool will let you know where the problems are so you can start addressing them immediately.

There is too much at stake to be a snail in this game – get your search optimization company to make you into a cheetah!



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