This week I read one of those ‘so called expert’ SEO blogs that hand out seemingly good advice for the Internet community. I came across one bold statement that instantly struck me as a wild and somewhat false claim. This guy was telling the world that when it comes to SEO, “if you have WordPress you are 80% there”. If I were to buy that line, then that would mean the last 20% of SEO I could handle myself and my website would be fully optimised for the princely sum of $0, right?

Internet Propaganda Will Lead You Astray

Wrong. The negative side of the internet is that a large percentage of its information is hearsay and propaganda. This guy was clearly trying to throw people off the trail, because in my experience there is no avoiding professional search engine optimisation. In fact, no matter how good you think your SEO is, there will always be something professional SEO can do for you. No website software will give you such an incredible leading advantage, and quite where these rumours start I don’t know. That is not to say WordPress isn’t efficient because it is, and for beginners it also comes with a fancy SEO plug-in to help configure your SEO – but you won’t rank highly by using WordPress and free blog guru advice alone.

Professional Search Engine Optimisation

A professional SEO company will know things you don’t. One key aspect of SEO is its ever-evolving nature, therefore studious attention needs to be paid to changing search engine algorithms and page ranking policies – professional SEO guys have the industry inside knowledge and these secrets don’t trade hands cheaply. The average Joe with a website just won’t know enough to maximise ranking potential. So by all means install WordPress, but don’t believe the hype you read on blog sites.




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