Unethical SEOUnethical SEO can get you banned from Google, just ask the BMW bosses who hired an SEO company that got them banned for cloaking, a practice that involves showing search bots different content than you show visitors …tut, tut!

But don’t laugh, it could so easily happen to you if you hire the wrong web site optimization firm. Here are some tips on avoiding the spam merchants:

  1. Get Reading
    Firstly, start reading up on exactly what “spam” is, because the likelihood is you think spam is limited solely to unsolicited emails, when it fact spam is a multi- faceted beast where search marketing services are concerned.
  2. Sign The Project Off
    Make sure the vendor maps their SEO practices out for you in advance, and then get them to sign the project off for legal purposes. This way you know exactly what is going to be done, and if it isn’t, you have a leg to stand on in court.
  3. 10 Links for $10
    Sounds great doesn’t it? No! It sounds like someone is going to do a very bad job and get you ignored if not banned by the search engines.
  4. Know Who Is Doing The Work
    Many search marketing services are not what they seem, in fact they may know nothing of SEO and simply be outsourcing the work to Timbuktu, which means you will never actually know who messed up your online business.
  5. Hire a Results Driven Company
    The fruits of SEO don’t grow over night, and of they do then worry, because the likelihood is there is some unethical practice going on and very soon Google and co will spot it and take you out. Find a results driven web site optimization firm that focuses on a sustained short, medium and long term strategy.

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