To buy SEO would mean paying a lump sum of money to an SEO company for the optimization of your site on a one off basis in the hope that you will miraculously climb the search engine rankings. But, as I have said before and never get tired of repeating; SEO is an ongoing process which requires trial and error and consistent attention. If I had a dollar for every time I have heard a boss say, “how much to get this SEO thing done then?” I would be a rich man.

FACT: You can’t buy SEO, you need to rent SEO. Renting SEO means negotiating a competitive ongoing monthly fee with an SEO company to ensure your website remains fully optimised.

There Is No Magic Wand

SEO isn’t just something you can get over and done with; there is no magic SEO wand that can be waved over your website to maintain a persistent challenge for high search engine rankings. SEO isn’t something you can keep either, just when you think you have a hold on things, Google and Yahoo might well change the way they rank pages and you will have to quickly adapt your strategy. The search engine providers need to switch up the play now and again so no-one lucky enough to figure out the algorithms to an advantageous extent starts making too much money.

Best SEO Practice

In light of this reason, best SEO practice is to remain flexible and on your toes. Therefore renting SEO as opposed to buying SEO on a one off basis is the way forward. SEO is one of the few industries where a level playing field can be found. Sure, there is deception and one must avoid the charlatans, but SEO isn’t about who you know, what university you went to or who your Daddy is. SEO is about how dedicated your SEO company is to their profession, how well informed they are and how competent they are at renting their services to businesses like yours.

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