YouTube MarketingMany view YouTube as a playground for silly videos, frivolous comments and internet nerds trying to make a name for themselves. There is certainly truth in those views, but don’t be put off at a first glance, for YouTube is a vital component of online promotion and organic optimisation. The mere fact that YouTube is owned by Google should make anyone with an online marketing strategy start sniffing around.

YouTube – Flexible, Popular and Highly Ranked

Quite often YouTube videos are displayed in the top few search results. The sheer popularity and the vast amount of content means this website will always rank very highly and be displayed in the listings for any searches relating to the content contained within the site.

Your online promotion will not be complete without marketing yourself on YouTube. When it comes to organic optimisation this is a very strong tool indeed. YouTube allows you to embed video links on a multitude of sites across the internet and link directly from a video to your website.

Follow these 6 key steps to successful YouTube online promotion:

  1. Devise an interesting YouTube profile that will compel users to look out for your videos and add you to their network.
  2. Create an innovative, interesting and perhaps funny video that has viral marketing potential, make it something people will want to share.
  3. Have a go at creating a series of videos – Part 1 of 3 will make people want to search for part 2 and then part 3.
  4. Make sure you brand your video with your website URL and company logo. This is a great chance to fix your company brand in the minds of your viewers.
  5. Make your videos search friendly for both the internal YouTube search facility and the search engines by targeting your keywords in your video description and title. Also make good use of tags by using relevant keywords.
  6. Create hits by posting links around the internet on related forums, Twitter, Facebook and other social networking platforms. Spend time commenting on other videos and leave viewers a link to follow to your video.

The Pinnacle of Organic Optimisation

YouTube is a fantastic organic optimisation tool, and the more hits you get the more popular your video will become which will create ongoing exposure for your business. YouTube is a free resource and free resources of this quality are rare – make YouTube part of your online marketing strategy and create an effective visual reference point for your business.

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