Some of the claims made by search engine optimisation companies are ludicrous. Claims of guaranteed rankings, top 3 Google and Yahoo spots and 25% revenue increases have become common place. Yet the truth is no one can promise you these results, it just doesn’t make logical sense. Not every website targeting a particular sector can be ranked top 3 in an organic search. In most industry sectors it isn’t possible for every website to have even one of its pages ranked top 3 for specific searches. The competition vs. keyword (quality) ratio is too great in most business sectors for the pie to be shared equally.

There Is Some Hidden Truth

These misleading ‘guaranteed SEO’ claims do have some potential substance of truth. It is highly likely that an SEO expert could obtain a top 3, 5 or at least top 10 spot for one of your pages using a longtail keyword; in other words a keyword phrase that is comprised of several words relevant to your business but far less searched by your potential customer base. This will see an increase in traffic, but by what percentage will be hard to gauge until a few months have gone by.

Guaranteed SEO Is Dependent On Your Current SEO Level

This is not to say that guaranteed search engine optimisation isn’t possible, in fact it certainly is, because it depends on the current state of your website and how optimised you already are. If your level of SEO is low then significant improvements can be made and the search engines will be notably responsive. However, if your site is going great guns already then improvements will be subtle and the search engines less responsive. In fact, there are often cases where guaranteed rankings turn into lower rankings; thus “if it isn’t broken then don’t try to fix it”.

Guaranteed search engine optimisation can be a reality, but wild off the cuff claims of guaranteed rankings are a warning sign that you are choosing the wrong company. A professional SEO company will analyse your site and be realistic regarding the prospects of improvements.




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