Want To Be On Google Page 1 or 2? Start Thinking Search Engine Optimisation Services

“72% of People Only Conduct Search on Page 1”

Last month I conducted a survey amongst my friends, clients, Facebook followers and business associates, asking them how many pages they were prepared to drill down in Google to find a description or link that looked most relevant to what they were looking for. I surveyed 106 people, which is arguably a small pool to survey, but the results I feel are representative of the current search climate. The results were as follows:

  • Only page 1: 72%
  • No further than page 2: 19%
  • No further than page 3: 8%
  • Whatever it takes to find the best description: 1%

In truth I am surprised at the amount of people that go as far as page 2. But what is clear is that if you aren’t getting an adequate amount of your web pages on the first two pages of Google for highly searched keywords, then you might as well not exist. You might get odd bits of random traffic, or “lucky traffic” as I call those gifted Google hits for words you aren’t even optimised for, but you will struggle to stay afloat.

Pages 3, 4 and 5 are achievable with DIY SEO, but to sustain positions on pages 1 or 2 for competitive keywords is too difficult to achieve alone.  Search engine optimisation services are well worth the money, and ROI with a good firm can be as much as 200%. The reason for this is that SEO firms consider every metric of optimisation (up to 300 considerations) and test and refine each one across every page of your site. Where high placement for competitive keywords proves difficult or impossible, search engine optimisation services will seek out alterative strategy to target a broader range of lesser searched keywords, which overall provide more traffic than a single popular keyword phrase. Click here for more information on getting a higher Google placement for your website.



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