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13 Lucky SEO Content Writing Tips For 2011

SEO CopywritingAs you probably are aware, content is becoming increasingly important to SEO strategy. Gone are the days when stuffing keywords and stringing long invisible phrases together were capable of fooling the search engines into high rankings. Nowadays SEO content writing is an art, and if you want to succeed online in 2011 you need to understand how to write good webpage copy, good articles, good blog posts and even good social media updates. Here are 13 lucky SEO content writing tips to get you started in 2011:

  1. Take time to devise reader grabbing titles and sub-headings.
  2. Pay attention to detail – do thorough research to make sure you look expert not amateur.
  3. Be unique – don’t plagiarise other articles and bring new life to common subject matters.
  4. Use bullet points, highlighting, underlining and italics to stress points and control the reader’s attention.
  5. Don’t exclude your audience by using techy or industry specific wording, and if you do make sure you explain yourself.
  6. Use varied sentence length but be concise and to the point.
  7. Avoid fluff – don’t just waffle on for the sake of meeting a word count.
  8. Avoid using the passive tense.
  9. Be conversational and at times humourous, yet also be professional and compelling.
  10. Back up facts and cite studies where statistics are used. Don’t lie or over exaggerate.
  11. Devise compelling meta-descriptions for the SERPs and remember; you need to lure the click before anyone reads your web-page, article or blog post.
  12. Strike a natural balance between writing for readers and for search spiders – don’t solely write for SEO purposes, it will be obvious to the reader.
  13. Triple check grammar, punctuation and spelling.


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