Forget the Google keyword tool this holiday season and forget hiring a website marketing service to do help you decide on your product promotions strategy. If you want to conduct some really fast, accurate and free market research then get your self over to Amazon’s best sellers section. Go to the home page, scroll down to Features & Services – Amazon Exclusives – Amazon Bestsellers. Here you will find a sea of free information, all collated courtesy of Amazon. Check out the books bestsellers list below for reference

Fast keyword Research

In the ‘best sellers’ section you can find the best sellers for every category and you can even dig down into the sub categories. So how can this help your SEO efforts? Well it will help you understand the likes of consumers and see how popular the products you sell are with the world’s biggest online retailer. This info will also give you an idea of the keywords to target in your advertising campaign. You might not beat Amazon on the SEO front, but you can certainly get in front of other competition by spotting niche products that sell well as part of the best sellers long tail, so to speak.

Another cool tactic would be to start blogging on your targeted products to drive some organic SEO. Use Christmas phases like “Cheapest XXXX Online This Christmas” in your headings. Again, as I have said previously, you need to start thinking early about Christmas organic SEO early on, as it will take some time to get index and achieve good rankings – so do it now, there is still time. Otherwise, incorporate your Amazon research into your paid advertising and make your investment a lucrative one by targeting products you know are popular and in demand.

Also worth checking out are the ‘wishlist’ and ‘most gifted’ sections; here you will be able to understand better what people want and buy for others. Remember, wishlists are full of products people generally haven’t purchased yet, probably because they are holding out for a better deal. So why not think about targeting these products in your Christmas bargains and January sales strategy. Amazon is one big free website marketing service, so go get some free market research.




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