seo outsourceSearch engine optimisation and SEO in general is a multi faceted beast, there are so many ways to drive traffic and improve rankings, yet we often over complicate things by searching for some technical hidden bit of genius that no one else has discovered yet. So, how about this instead; if your website is suffering a lull and the buzz seems to have died down, consider looking a little closer to home and make a change that creates an emotional response.

Humans react strongly to change, even subtle change. Whether a web site undergoes a complete redesign or removes a previous function, your regular visitors will have a reaction – possibly positive or negative – but a reaction either way is good. Not all search engine optimisation and SEO in general need be about positive reaction. Users may hate the change, but at the same time Tweet about it 5 times encouraging another 100 people to discover your site and hate the change, too. Think of this as free SEO outsource work. Some users may enjoy the new experience so much that it warrants a full blog post on a very popular site. Either way, a change will almost guarantee a traffic boost and follow up user reactions will ensue.

If you run a community based website with regular followers then those users will naturally feel like part of your online family. A change to the set-up will stir up a buzz again, refresh interest, provoke a response and cause emotion. It is easy to ignore a website when it becomes stale. The novelty wears off after a few months and like family, your regulars may only visit you on Sundays or public holidays. Therefore you need to stir up a bit of a fuss occasionally to entice your family back to the roost to give you their opinion and hopefully their business

It’s easy to say that people are resistant to change, but that is just a cop-out statement for lazy people who can’t be bothered to evolve or address the needs of their customer/user base. I am not saying to implement search engine optimisation and SEO activities that change the face of your web platform to the point that it forces users to say goodbye to something they like, just inspire existing users to create a buzz for you by becoming emotionally moved enough to comment or share your link (again, think free SEO outsource work).

Encourage the stale users who used to love you so much to come back and view the new family dwelling bringing new friends with them. A change is as good as a holiday, so they say, and when we go on holiday we always meet new people (traffic)…get my drift?




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