Internet Marketing StreategyYou may have noticed that Google show special logos for notable birthdays of the rich and famous. Well, the search giant has announced that if you add your birthday to your Google profile they will show a special logo for your birthday as well. How nice. But what does this have to do with search or internet marketing strategy…as always I will tell you.

How do you feel when someone wishes you happy birthday, pretty good, right? Well don’t then miss opportunities to connect with your customer base when they are individually celebrating their special day. The fact that you acknowledge your customers’ birthdays makes you one of few special companies that do. Not only is this a nice gesture but a chance to send a promotional email without looking like a spammer.

“Dear Dan, we heard it was your birthday and wanted to give you a little present to celebrate, here’s a $10 voucher for our store, have a great day!”

You get the idea. What is the point in collecting customer data if you aren’t going to use it? This internet marketing strategy has the potential to drive massive sales and encourage customer loyalty = repeat business. In your mailing list of say 1000+ people, you probably cover nearly every day of the year, in birthday terms that is a lot of sales.  The best thing about this internet marketing strategy of this nature is that you can automate it. So start celebrating with your customers, it might very well be worth your while!

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