Online BusinessI hope you enjoyed your Christmas day and managed to get out to the sales and grab some bargains, or at least managed to get online and seek out some heavily discounted goods. Now that the turkey has been digested and the kids have stopped waking you up at silly o’ clock with excitement, you may be experiencing bouts of entrepreneurial inspiration as we head towards 2011. Perhaps you are an existing Internet entrepreneur or someone looking to start a second income online, and why not, the web is expanding and people are increasingly buying products online.

You are probably sitting there desperately trying to think of Read more

Today we shall break away from our Christmas theme of optimizing your online store for the seasonal rush and subsequent January sale campaign, and instead we will focus on some general SEO. Website optimization companies don’t usually give much away for free, and most of what is offered on the net is fairly repetitive. So, seeing as a number of people have been asking me lately, I thought I would give away 5 alternative SEO tips for all to think about.

  1. Multiple Domains
    If your business covers separate areas of industry which can be individually defined, then why not consider splitting into multiple domains. Search engines usually only list one page per domain anyway, Read more

Internet Marketing StreategyYou may have noticed that Google show special logos for notable birthdays of the rich and famous. Well, the search giant has announced that if you add your birthday to your Google profile they will show a special logo for your birthday as well. How nice. But what does this have to do with search or internet marketing strategy…as always I will tell you. Read more

Mobile CommerceA friend of mine recently said, “Things were much easier when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits”. I am inclined to agree, what have we become? It seems like you can’t have a 2 minute conversation without someone sliding that infamous unlock button on their iPhone or BB messaging someone from their Blackberry. The entire world is at it, and like it or not, mCommerce is something you need to look into if you are selling online.

Most people assume that because internet access is so readily available on phones these days that they have the mCommerce side of things organically sown up. This is not the case. As any web marketing firm will tell you, mobile users have specific preferred Read more

On the face of it a shopping cart might seem like a straight forward mechanism. A customer adds the item, clicks checkout and the money slips neatly into your pocket. Yet in reality a purchase is seldom that straight forward – any website marketing consultant will tell you that. It is quite remarkable how many online store owners manage to royally confuse the process and deter the purchase from taking place. In light of this, here are 3 important shopping cart tips to help you increase checkout conversions and reduce abandonment.

Don’t Confuse The Checkout Process With a Market Research Opportunity

It might seem like a good idea to obtain as much information about a customer before they leave your store, but if you knew that 12% of customers Read more

You don’t need to find a niche market to create successful online business. Many marketers would have you believe that finding an untapped market with potential is much easier than entering a market already well catered for. This isn’t necessarily true. Agreed, there are over-saturated markets which you may do well to avoid, but most markets have unplugged gaps that can be exploited with the help of an effective search engine optimization firm. Read more




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