Today we shall break away from our Christmas theme of optimizing your online store for the seasonal rush and subsequent January sale campaign, and instead we will focus on some general SEO. Website optimization companies don’t usually give much away for free, and most of what is offered on the net is fairly repetitive. So, seeing as a number of people have been asking me lately, I thought I would give away 5 alternative SEO tips for all to think about.

  1. Multiple Domains
    If your business covers separate areas of industry which can be individually defined, then why not consider splitting into multiple domains. Search engines usually only list one page per domain anyway, and if you have multiple domains running you have a chance of achieving two results in one listing and/or trap more business by increasing your targeted search appeal.
  2. Vary Your Anchor Text
    If all your anchor text looks the same, e.g. your URL or company name, then Google might well see this as automation. Change your anchor text up where possible and be creative.
  3. Get a Site Map
    A big site needs a site map with every page linked to the map. This will enable search-bots to index your pages within 2 clicks. Smaller sites use a navigation bar both in the header and footer.
  4. Double up on Newsletters
    If you send out newsletters regularly, then make them multi-purpose by creating articles from the content and publishing them in article directories. Links in directories stay live for years and drive solid targeted traffic, regularly.
  5. Bolding
    Some sites have gone bolding mental in recent times thinking that highlighting every keyword will help. Don’t get that exited, but do sprinkle the <b> </b> tags around some of your keywords to help with identification.

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