Google Rankings“How do I rank a page highly in Google”? If I had a dollar for every time I was asked this question I would be nearly a billionaire, I am sure.  The answer isn’t as difficult as people would have you think, in fact Google tell you, just look at their philosophy statement and the words are clear as day: “Focus on the user and all else will follow.”

If you focus your website on user experience then the rankings will come. Now, of course, knowing how to do that isn’t particularly easy, but keeping that philosophy in mind will keep you on track.

Take your pages one by one and consider the following quality page guide:

Quality Page Guide For High Page Rankings

  • Is the page relevant to popular search terms?
  • Is the page an authority on its topic?
  • Does the page contain informative, useful content?
  • Has the page been given time to gain popularity?
  • Do other pages of a similar standard surround the page?
  • Does the page load quickly?
  • Does the page contain broken links?
  • Is the page cheaply stuffed with random keywords?

Scrutinise your pages one by one considering the above, doing this will mean being 70% of the way to higher rankings in Google. For the other 30% you need to do the following:

5 High Google Ranking Essentials

  1. Write a <TITLE></TITLE> tag for each page accurately describing the page in no more than 64 characters.
  2. Link only to relevant, quality sites and try to keep reciprocal links as relevant as possible.
  3. Create at least one new page every week using the quality page guide above.
  4. Ensure your site is user friendly and therefore index friendly for search spiders.
  5. Make sure all the pages of your website are accessible through normal <A HREF> links.

Don’t get bogged down in over-analysing the search engines and the way they work. Concentrate on making a fantastic, popular, authoritative website that attracts visitors and links naturally. The rankings will follow.




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