seo outsourceSearch engine optimisation and SEO in general is a multi faceted beast, there are so many ways to drive traffic and improve rankings, yet we often over complicate things by searching for some technical hidden bit of genius that no one else has discovered yet. So, how about this instead; if your website is suffering a lull and the buzz seems to have died down, consider looking a little closer to home and make a change that creates an emotional response.

Humans react strongly to change, even subtle change. Whether a web site undergoes a complete redesign or removes a previous function, your regular visitors will have a reaction – possibly positive or negative – but a Read more

Last week I wrote about the full launch of Google’s Social Search facility and the positives and negatives of ‘results from your social circle’. Not long after publishing that post I was contacted directly by a few of you voicing concerns about just how far Google intends on going in terms of violating a persons right to online privacy. This got me thinking, and it is only really when you take time out to think about Google that you realise they know a hell of a lot about us. Perhaps our online privacy has been completely lost, but in all honesty it’s a little too late for us to bolt the stable door.

On one hand we love the Internet for its freedom, and whether the latest leaked document on U.S. operations by Wikileaks or the exposure of a celebrity involved in a nude act, the fact is Read more

search engine optimisationHow important is off-page optimisation compared with on-page optimisation? I get asked that question a lot and whilst it’s a good question I am reluctant to answer it because I feel it isn’t the right question. What we should be focussing on is how rankings are weighted between the two rather than one being more important than the other. On the face of it, off-page is more important because 70% Read more

The latest in a string of search engine services to hit the block is search tool called ‘Local Trend Search’ created by fwix . Currently in beta version, the tool provide users with a list of things happening ‘right now’ and recently in a specified local area. For example, if you type in ‘Yankee Stadium’ you get a display of results including news, events, photos and updates. The updates include posts from Twitter, Foursquare and Gowalla. The news results are generated form media sites and local blogs, and events from sites such as Eventful and Stubhub. The photos from what I can see are generated mostly from flikr.


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There is also a sponsored link section at the top which merges the search engine advertising via the fwix Adwire facility, a product they developed some time ago. This allows small businesses to leverage local user search to their advantage and apply a more reliable, targeted approach to local advertising. At the moment coverage is limited when it comes to small towns, always a thorn in the side of map creation, navigation and search in general, but no doubt something fwix will work on over time.

Of course there are alternative search engine services for local search including Sency which integrates similar features to the fwix application, Bing maps, and of course Google maps. Google could easily rival fwix by adding news, events and general updates to its agenda. But in the mean time fwix is one tool to keep an eye on, not only for its user friendly application but the rates for search engine advertising may turn out to be cheaper than existing options.

Google Farmer Algorithm Guide

Late last week I sent out an update on Google’s Farmer algorithm change, and while the change comes as a pleasant change for websites being plagiarized by content farms, there is some concern by websites that churn out daily content. Web owners are concerned they might be labeled “the farmer” should another site copy their work or house similar content.  So how does one avoid being considered a low-quality publisher in the eyes of the search giant?

  1. Don’t Stress Over every Single Piece of Content
    Google wont just label you a farm based on one piece of content, so if you have one article extremely similar to twenty other sites in a particular week I wouldn’t worry too much. If this is happening on a daily basis, however, then you might want to have a word with your editorial team and consider some drastic Read more

Your personal profile may end up appearing in a number of places, such as your personal website, trade show/conference info sites, sites where you contribute articles and social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Quite often people miss a great opportunity to optimise their profile and achieve some extra curricular SEO. Most see the personal profile as a mere source of information rather than Read more

Content SpamIf you run an information resource website or even house a blog, the likelihood is that you will have be ‘scrapped’ at one time or another. Scrapping is an increasingly popular practice carried out by content farms and low quality sites intent on stealing good content rather than writing it themselves. This practice saves time and boosts rankings, helping to generate advertising revenue, make affiliate sales and build a popular piece of web real estate. One major issue with scrapping and copying is that these sites can get ahead of you pages in the SERPs even though you wrote the content to begin with. It’s totally unethical and really has a negative affect on honest web business owners. Read more

SEO CopywritingAs you probably are aware, content is becoming increasingly important to SEO strategy. Gone are the days when stuffing keywords and stringing long invisible phrases together were capable of fooling the search engines into high rankings. Nowadays SEO content writing is an art, and if you want to succeed online in 2011 you need to understand how to write good webpage copy, good articles, good blog posts and even good social media updates. Here are 13 lucky SEO content writing tips to get you started in 2011:

  1. Take time to devise reader grabbing titles and sub-headings.
  2. Pay attention to detail – do thorough research to make sure you look expert not amateur.
  3. Be unique – don’t plagiarise other articles and bring new life to common subject matters. Read more

Everyman and his dog have a blog these days, in fact this amateur past time is giving Andy Warhole’s ‘fifteen minutes of fame’ quote new life. Over night blog stars emerge daily and businesses achieve notoriety through daily posting and crafty integrated SEO. Contrary to popular belief, blogging isn’t a fast way to cash or fame. Most blogs are pretty much ignored both by people and search engines, but with good reason. So how can you make sure your mum isn’t the number 1 and only fan of your blog?

  1. Use an SEO Friendly CMS
    If you aren’t savvy with HTML then you should choose an SEO friendly CMS like WordPress. Some are ‘out of the box’ more SEO friendly than others. For example, Google Blogger for all its simplicity really isn’t SEO friendly unless you know how to configure the main HTML template, and even then ability to manipulate each individual post is seriously lacking. Read more

SEO BlogI was out for drinks the other night at some fancy cocktail do up town; you know the deal, swanky hotel, designer suits and egos working at full capacity. It wasn’t really my scene but I was invited by another seo consultancy firm I know so I obliged and dusted off my whistle and flute (suit).

The night was going fairly well, and I wasn’t planning on doing any seo consultancy, until some guy approaches me saying he had Read more



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