seo-outsourcingHow are your website marketing strategies going? Judging by how much the phone has been popping off this week I am guessing not quite as you had hoped. My tip of the week for all those struggling is quite simply to start building quality backlinks. The emphasis here is on the word quality. Don’t get stressed building hundreds of links with no improvement to your SERPs, think logically – 1 PR6 link is easily worth 200 non-ranked links. It’s that simple, so stop wasting your time and try the following.

Create 1 link a day, 7 days a week. That will mean 365 quality backlinks in a year. Document every link you make in a spreadsheet and track your progress. Now I know what you’re thinking, you can’t wait that long for the links, but believe me, by the time you get 20-30 high quality links you will already see a drastic improvement in your popularity within the SERPs.

If you honestly can’t wait or don’t have the time, then consider SEO outsourcing. Just let your provider know exactly the quality you want and the sort of sites you need to be associated with. Try a mixture of classifieds, local business listings, forums and .gov and .edu sites. I know many forums are set to ‘no follow’ for URLs, but traffic is still traffic so don’t simply ignore the chance to place a link based on not getting any link  juice out of the site.

Building quality links isn’t easy, and it does get annoying when all the SEO professionals are saying “just build better links”. It takes time and effort, which is why SEO outsourcing isn’t a bad idea; there are plenty of other areas of your web marketing strategies you could be getting on with whilst the SEO professionals handle that area of your campaign.

search engine optimisationHow important is off-page optimisation compared with on-page optimisation? I get asked that question a lot and whilst it’s a good question I am reluctant to answer it because I feel it isn’t the right question. What we should be focussing on is how rankings are weighted between the two rather than one being more important than the other. On the face of it, off-page is more important because 70% Read more

Outside of the work you employ a web promotion company to do, you should always be looking to further your SEO campaign where possible, and that means link building at every opportunity. Thing is, as much as people hype up link building as a multi faced, broad activity, once you have blogged, posted in forums, article directories, local business directions and retweeted/Facebooked all these links, what else is there? Fan sites…

Posting on fan forums…

Fan sites are ideal hot spots for leaving links that won’t be torn down by over zealous moderators, why? Because fans love finding new places that house info about their given interest, that is, as long as the links posted look genuine. For example, if you own an online store that sells home improvement products then target DIY Fan sites with gentle posts like “I am using the Bosch ZX45 Sander and it really does the job, this is the one I mean (url)”. Or, if you run a music store Read more

Link BuildingHow much do you know about your backlinks? Not much I am guessing, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing because after reading this you will hopefully be interested enough to find out. Everyone is talking about creating more backlinks via forum posts, article writing, Twittering, link exchanging and a host of other activities, but seldom do people stop to analyse the state of their present ‘links’ situation; all they know is they want more.

Ask an SEO Agency to Run a Backlink Report

Before embarking on achieving more backlinks you should carry out a thorough investigation into your current backlinks situation. Ask your SEO agency to run a report of all links pointing to your website. You may even be able to get this service as part of a free SEO consultation if you haven’t already hired an SEO firm.  The SEO consultation will uncover the following aspects Read more

Link Building - SEO

Traditionally linking has been thought about as exchange. In the beginning people swapped links with friends’ websites as a way to get noticed by people that visited that particular site, and, for a time, the internet was so novel that people did check link sections just to see who the links directed them too. It was almost fun, I guess. But then the internet exploded with a million and one better things to be doing, and traffic increasing techniques just weren’t that easy anymore.

Linking is no longer a one dimensional activity; Read more


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