The latest in a string of search engine services to hit the block is search tool called ‘Local Trend Search’ created by fwix . Currently in beta version, the tool provide users with a list of things happening ‘right now’ and recently in a specified local area. For example, if you type in ‘Yankee Stadium’ you get a display of results including news, events, photos and updates. The updates include posts from Twitter, Foursquare and Gowalla. The news results are generated form media sites and local blogs, and events from sites such as Eventful and Stubhub. The photos from what I can see are generated mostly from flikr.


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There is also a sponsored link section at the top which merges the search engine advertising via the fwix Adwire facility, a product they developed some time ago. This allows small businesses to leverage local user search to their advantage and apply a more reliable, targeted approach to local advertising. At the moment coverage is limited when it comes to small towns, always a thorn in the side of map creation, navigation and search in general, but no doubt something fwix will work on over time.

Of course there are alternative search engine services for local search including Sency which integrates similar features to the fwix application, Bing maps, and of course Google maps. Google could easily rival fwix by adding news, events and general updates to its agenda. But in the mean time fwix is one tool to keep an eye on, not only for its user friendly application but the rates for search engine advertising may turn out to be cheaper than existing options.

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