Your personal profile may end up appearing in a number of places, such as your personal website, trade show/conference info sites, sites where you contribute articles and social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Quite often people miss a great opportunity to optimise their profile and achieve some extra curricular SEO. Most see the personal profile as a mere source of information rather than a useful tool in their SEO campaign.

Here are 5 useful tips for optimising your personal profile:

  • Tip 1: When mentioning your business, sites you have a vested interest in or companies you work for, make sure you provide the user with a link. People interested in you will be interested in other things you are involved in, and clicks create traffic.
  • Tip 2: Use strategic co-citation. For example, Mitash SEO is a Digital Marketing Agency. Over time Google and Bing will start to recognise that these two terms are related and start to return results with this in mind.
  • Tip 3: Be careful of your links to profile length ratio. A link every couple of lines is more than enough, any more than this and the profile will look spammy.
  • Tip 4: Use relevant anchor text. Don’t just insert links willy-nilly, make sure the text is relevant to the link – otherwise all SEO value is lost.
  • Tip 5: Make sure you provide all your social networking details, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and any others you use. This is a great opportunity to increase your popularity.

I have provided a rough example below to get you started on optimising your profile.

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