You will have heard the term ethical SEO bounded around on various forums and mentioned off the cuff by many a self –proclaimed SEO expert. To the average business owner ethical SEO sounds like something that should be standard practice, after all, who would want to hire an SEO service or any other service for that matter which operates in an unethical way.

Black-Hat SEO

Unethical SEO is often termed as ‘cheating’ and is also known as ‘Black Hat SEO’. 5 years ago some unethical SEO was legitimate and might have helped your plight for higher rankings, but in the present day this practice is antiquated, counter-productive and frowned upon. Some SEO cowboys will have you believe that they can perform miracles overnight by providing you with thousands of back-links; an ethical SEO company will never make such claims. What they really mean is posting multiple links at link-farms. Link-farms exist to house links and offer no content for web users to read and only exist to provide links to other websites. These sites are no longer favoured in any way by the big search engine players. What you need to do is employ an SEO service that builds quality links by utilizing ‘White Hat SEO’.

Unethical SEO Tricks

Other unethical tricks include ‘doorway’ pages and keyword stuffing. Doorway pages are web pages designed to be invisible to the reader but attempt to trick the search engines into indexing them for higher rankings. Keyword stuffing quite literally means stuffing a large volume of targeted keywords into website content or articles without providing the human reader with quality and grammatically appealing text.

Go Ethical Get Higher Rankings

Steer well clear of any Black Hat SEO and employ an ethical SEO company. The search engines are very wise to SEO services trying to pull the wool over their eyes and will punish websites accordingly. Employing Black Hat SEO may see a short term rise in your rankings but ultimately you will see a sharp fall in your overall popularity. You also run the risk of being blacklisted by the search engines. The only way to achieve higher rankings is to pursue ethical search engine optimisation.




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