If You Need To Increase Your Site Promotion Then Start Skinning Cats

Link Building - SEO

Traditionally linking has been thought about as exchange. In the beginning people swapped links with friends’ websites as a way to get noticed by people that visited that particular site, and, for a time, the internet was so novel that people did check link sections just to see who the links directed them too. It was almost fun, I guess. But then the internet exploded with a million and one better things to be doing, and traffic increasing techniques just weren’t that easy anymore.

Linking is no longer a one dimensional activity; it is three or four dimensional if I may contradict the term for a moment. There are a number of ways to skin a cat, not that you should skin a cat, that is of course merely an expression. Don’t think of links as URLs, or URLs placed in certain places, think of them as ways in which people might be inclined to spread your brand, idea or service.

Start with Traffic Increasing Friends

Do something different for your site promotion; invest in something that has viral potential, perhaps a video animation that indirectly links into your product or service, but also provides the viewer with a humorous or emotional video. Don’t make it too long, but make it compelling, interesting and unique. Subtly tie your brand into the video and start promoting it around the web. Get your friends involved, you will be surprised just how much traffic you can generate by your friends emailing it to their work buddies and personal lists.

The majority of people don’t read that much, therefore a blog isn’t always the most effective traffic increasing tool, blogs can also be a little boring – not this one of course! If you aren’t getting the traffic you need then spice things up a bit. Youtube has made video marketing incredibly easy, it enables people to embed the video on their blogs and to link in from your site. Creating brand awareness and effective site promotion has never been easier.



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