There are over 200 factors that Google considers when ranking your web pages, yet they refuse to disclose even one. Not even a measly one out of 200 to give you at least a head start. Google claims this is because these factors change and evolve over time, so therefore a list produced today may well change by next month rendering all of your newly implemented SEO tactics useless.

So how does a search engine optimization agency know where to start when it comes to optimising your website? Well, as a community we kind of know that there are around 50 factors that haven’t changed in a very long time, factors that remain static no matter what Google does. Then, on top of these 50 factors we have our own personal trade secret techniques derived through research, analysis and experience.

As a given, we know the following 8 aspects of SEO are considerations factored into Google’s search algorithm:

  1. Search term in HTML title tag
  2. Search term in HTML body copy
  3. Utilisation of header tags around search term
  4. Utilisation of bold around search term
  5. Search term in anchor text leading to page
  6. The PR (PageRank) of a page
  7. Domain authority
  8. Website loading speed

seoThat said, a search engine optimization agency recognises that Google responds differently to different types of website, and SEO needs to be implemented accordingly. Believe me, the work of a search engine optimization specialist never stops, once I leave the office I am constantly keeping abreast with breaking search news and scanning the web looking at search trends and user behaviour.

A large part of being a search engine optimization specialist is understanding how a user behaves within the search engines and how search engines in turn respond to the user. If you can start to understand this process and implement the 8 SEO tips listed above, you are almost half way to understanding how to achieve higher rankings.




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