frustratedmanImagine that, seeing your pages listed highly in Google, but receiving precious little traffic. You might as well give up hope, surely? Wait! Before you get too demoralised, there are a number of reasons why this horrid situation can occur.

1. You Don’t Rank Highly At All

You might not actually be ranking highly at all. You might just be seeing an illusion based on your personal search history. Do the following and then re-search:

  • Make sure you are logged out of your Google account
  • Use the “&pws=0” parameter to limit personalization
  • Try a different browser: Firefox/Safari/Google Chrome, etc
  • Use a 3rd-party rank-tracker, like Web App or Rank Tracker

2. You Are Seeing Local not Regional or Global

You could be looking at rankings based on a specific locality. Alter the location settings in Google to test variations of your search.

3. Keyword Errors

Your keyword research may not be as accurate as you think. If you carried out your research using Google’s keyword tool, it is very possible that you used “broad match” instead of “exact match”, meaning your estimations could be exaggerated by as much as 10%+.

4. You Are Getting Bumped Out

A rankings analytics tool may say you rank 8th in Google, but in reality that could mean the 2nd page, not the first. What with paid advertising, local search listings and social listings, your listing may be getting bumped off the first page.

5. Your Descriptions Look Spam-Like or Irrelevant

You may be appearing as an option in the top 10, but your descriptions may not be that appealing. Descriptions need relevance and substance, not repetition and waffle.

6. You Are Being Outclassed

It might just be that the big brands are lapping up all the traffic. Time to rework your strategy. Hire a good copywriter and create some irresistible special offers.

If you want to rank highly, and see high volumes of traffic, drop us a message today. We operate a performance based fee structure, so when you succeed, we succeed too.




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