Increased Online Traffic – The Great SEO Misconception

To increase traffic to your website you need to implement strategic SEO. That means not simply scattering back-links wherever possible, but planning and implementing a comprehensive strategy that specifically targets your audience through a number of channels. Here are a handful of things you will need to consider to increase web site traffic:

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • Market Research
  • On – Page Optimisation
  • Off – Page Optimisation

Think Targeted and Specific

To increase traffic to your website you need to increase ‘targeted’ web site traffic; ‘targeted’ means reaching out to people who are specifically looking for a service or product that you deliver. Once you locate your target audience you provide them with a number of practical ways to find your website.

FACT: Creating clicks is easy, yet converting clicks to sales is another skill entirely. High conversion rates come about as a result of solid research and effective implementation, not spontaneous posting or random blogging.

Increase Website Traffic by Not Being Fooled

The majority of companies who set out to implement their own SEO end up very stressed from a lack of results and very tired from a large amount of effort. This is because to increase web site traffic you need experience.

FACT: Many widely recommended SEO techniques actually don’t work. Don’t be fooled by SEO gurus who claim to be blogging secrets and inside information – do you really think they would give the best techniques away for free?

Of course not, if anything they are likely to mislead other wannabe SEO experts so that they themselves can source more business. In any industry where good money is to be made, information is of great value. Achieving a top 3 or even top 5 Google spot is extremely valuable to any website, so valuable that secret SEO strategies are guarded secrets by their owners.

Success is Seldom Easy

Increased online traffic comes about as a result of hard work by knowledgeable professionals, not by spending a few late nights’ posting your URLs around the net or getting your friends to retweet a few of your Twitter posts. Increase traffic to your website by hiring a reputable SEO firm who will know that success is only achievable when you increase ‘targeted’ website traffic.


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