No matter how many times you tell people that web design and website search engine optimisation are two completely different disciplines, you still get asked the same questions. I got an enquiry recently from a friend of a friend; this tends to happen often when you have expertise in a particular area. The person in question was frantic because they had forked out for a new WordPress site design and after 2 weeks realised things weren’t quite as they should be. Below is a list of a few things stated in the email.

  1. “None of the headings are set, I was researching on the internet and it said to assist Google in indexing my site I need to make appropriate use of H1/H2/H3/h3/H5/H6 (headings). None of my content contains this, only the title of each page has an H1”.
  2. “Every page description within the SEO plugin is identical, the keywords are also the same, surely this can’t be right”.
  3. “My blog posts are being indexed with the title of the website not with the title of each specific post…”

If Only SEO Promotion Was That Easy…

Of course my reply confirmed that none of these aspects of the website concern the designer, these are issues for an SEO service and form part of the SEO promotion strategy, something entirely separate to the build. This got me thinking. Just how many people out there have websites with similar problems, but never address the issues because they are none the wiser? These are basic aspects of SEO, and some of the first things an SEO service will look at and alter accordingly.

As WordPress and Tumblr continue to provide hands on (DIY) access to web design and web updating, website owners are being given a false impression that SEO is an automatic process, or that the designer can click a few boxes and the site will be optimised. Sadly this isn’t the case, don’t believe the hype, you need an SEO service to handle your SEO promotion properly.




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