Not much is the answer for around 75% of those operating a web business. And the reason behind this large failing is the lack of a complete digital marketing strategy. It’s time to forget fancy design work, slow loading pages and dazzling page layouts and time to implement a well researched, user friendly website design that concentrates on conversion.

Externalise Your Vision

No one can blame you for being excited when your website was completed and you wooed all your friends and associates with how technical and interactive it was – but the disappointment soon kicked in after a couple of months of low conversions, right? Don’t worry, it’s a common problem and as a professional seo expert I see this every day. The vision for a web facility should be externally focused not internally focused. This might sound obvious but people tend to think if they like their own vision of a website everyone else will, too. This internal vision becomes blind to the external activities that form a complete digital marketing strategy. This neglect unfortunately causes failure.

Online Marketing Solutions

When you think online marketing solutions you automatically think Google AdWords/Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or other costly activities, but this isn’t the case. Online marketing solutions include organic SEO, banner advertising, social media optimisation (SMO), blogging, forum posting, video marketing, email marketing and article marketing; the majority of these activities cost no money, only what you pay someone for the implementation.

SEO and Positioning

Take a look around the web today. Websites are becoming increasingly simple, and why? Because simplicity equates to indexibility, readability and usability. These three words form the secret to your seo and positioning with the search engines. Look at the whole picture not just at what you like to see. Your website isn’t there to please your eye but to make sales and generate leads; it needs to appeal to a mass audience not just tech heads, friends and family.

The web is moving at an incredible pace, don’t get left behind! Start making more money today by consulting a professional seo expert and developing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.




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