SEO for BingBing is still in its infancy and we are yet to see whether it shall become a potential challenger for Google. But Bing has made some good ground of late and statistics suggest that people are Binging. In fact, just the other day I was at an internet café where all the computers were pre-set to open with a Bing search.

The question on everyone’s lips is how Bing differs from Google when it comes to organic search engine optimization and what sure fire tips are there to help maximize website SEO for Bing. In truth a large SEO evaluation of Bing is yet to take place, however, amidst the little information and research available, there are a few organic search engine marketing tips you should know about.

Bing SEO Evaluation

  1. Bing and Backlinks: Bing does not pay as much attention to backlinks as Google does. A comparison of the top ten search results in each engine will demonstrate this.
  2. Bing and Anchor Text: Anchor text matters more in Bing, indeed it is important in Google too but apparently Bing places more emphasis on this aspect of organic search engine optimization.
  3. Bing and Fresh Content: Fresh content seems to be less important to Bing, yet this could be down to slower indexing and time might well prove this point wrong.
  4. Bing and Flash Websites : For those with Flash heavy sites Bing seems to be more responsive. This is an obvious strategic move on behalf of Bing knowing that Google has always struggled with the indexing of Flash pages.
  5. Bing and Website PR: Bing pays more attention to the importance of a website. This is good news for older more established websites but bad news for bloggers and smaller websites.

This SEO evaluation is a general guide and gathered using the little information we have on Bing thus far. Bing is evolving and still trying to wedge its foot in the door, therefore things might change very rapidly when it comes to organic search engine marketing.




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