Google Cache Text
When you first visit a professional SEO consultant they will begin by analysing your website and getting a feel for just how search engine friendly the pages are. Many experts will spot problem areas at a glance, but some things take a deeper analysis to diagnose. One simple check that all specialists carry out is a diagnostic page analysis to see how Google views your home page and other pages of your site. Successful website marketing relies on how Google interprets your website and in turn this directly affects your rankings. This is a test that you can carry out yourself by taking a look into Google’s ‘text cache’.

The text cache is different to the full cache you see in the search engine pages because Google excludes graphics and any aspects of the page it doesn’t read or index. To view the text cache simply copy the URL below into your browser and replace  with your home page URL or any other page you want to analyse. =1

Viewing the text cache will show you an X-ray vision of your website as opposed to the ‘photo’ version you see normally. You might be alarmed at what you see, and there are a number of things you should look for when diagnosing problem areas.

  1. Missing page content or even worse a completely blank page.
  2. Missing navigation links.
  3. Blocks of text that you never see normally randomly appear.
  4. Words that are usually links are unlinked or missing.

Basically, any abnormality you see isn’t a good sign and it is advisable to turn to a professional SEO consultant for advice. Successful website marketing can only be achieved if your website is in full health, and this ‘home testing’ technique offers a good indicator of how healthy your site is.




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