4 Sure Fire Conversion Boosters

If you have experienced a slow start to 2013 and your site is suffering high traffic but low conversions, then check out the sure fire conversion boosters below:

Multiple Buy Now Buttons

Users are accustomed to scrolling these days and will always look beyond what they see directly in front of them as a page loads. For this reason you need to make sure that ‘buy now’ buttons are visible at all times, and that means displaying them next to images, descriptions and reviews. Don’t let a browsing consumer miss the call to action just because they decided to scroll down a tad.

Low-Stock Indicator

High street retailers do this all the time and you should be taking advantage of this conversion boosting beauty. If you only have a few left in stock then say so. Always give the customer an idea of product availability if supply is low. This will prompt consumers to ‘get in quick’. You might like to consider a colour coded stock indicator that displays low/medium/high stock levels.

Product Recommendation Engine

Always recommend alternative products. This will prevent off–page comparison and show the consumer that you are impartial to whatever product type they choose. You can also recommend related products that compliment the purchase as part of your upsell strategy.

Out of Stock Redeemer

If you allow customers to save carts until they return at a later date, then you might run into the issue of products being out of stock or even discontinued by the time a customer returns to pay. Salvage the situation by offering popular alternatives inside the cart window. Whatever you do don’t leave the customer hanging because they will most likely abandon the cart altogether.



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