The Top 5 Things Users Want From Your Mobile Ecommerce Site

In the modern day mobile users expect the same browser capabilities on their mobile device as they get on their desktop PC at home. Therefore they expect an almost identical experience when accessing your website from a mobile device. Here are 5 key things you need to consider when presenting your ecommerce site to mobile Users.

1.Home Page

Users want simplicity, but within simplicity they still want to feel like they are shopping with ‘the brand’. So while this means stripping down the structure, it also means maintaining branding on product lines and presenting your company core story effectively. As soon as a customer lands on your site they need to be able to tell what the site does. This might sound obvious, but with limited space on a mobile screen, this is no easy task, and takes considerable planning, trial and effort.

2. Navigation

Users want to be able to view the same product ranges on a mobile as they would on a PC, and this means navigation must be modified for mobile excellence. To enhance the experience, cut back on unnecessary images, banners, text and widgets that take up valuable space. Think about converting menus and categories to vertical drop downs rather than horizontal spreads that require laborious scrolling.

3. Product Descriptions

When it comes to mobile wants this is on top of users’ lists, and this is one area where you can’t afford to cutback ineffectively. Devise shorter descriptions but with less fluff, cut to the chase and create compelling text bites that sell the key features of your products. If need be, offer a ‘click here to see more details’ option. Find an innovative way to display pictures, using lower resolution, smaller thumbnails or a rotating gallery. Make sure the pages load quickly and are easy to scan.

4. Checkout

Websites that don’t design the checkout for a smaller screen are frustrating their customers. You need transactional capabilities that enable the user to feel comfortable in the checkout area. When things are hidden and awkward to navigate it affects trust and stops people parting with money.

5. Essential Info

When it comes to mobile shopping, users have a minimum info requirements list, and it goes like this:

  • Product details
  • Multiple images
  • Product reviews
  • Information about delivery charges and timescales.

More and more people are beginning to trust in mobile shopping, don’t get left behind – start optimising for mobile ecommerce today.



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